Chicago Vodka box and bottle
Made in Chicago


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Tempered. Smooth. Perfected.

Slowest filtration process in the industry.

When it comes to vodka-making, we don’t cut corners.

Our vodka is 5 times distilled and filtered 9 times through a patent-pending filtration system that allows only 30 liters per hour filtration flow. It takes 5 full days just to filter one batch of 600 bottles.

There is no one out there investing this much time to truly perfect their vodka like we are.

Get Chicago Vodka

Locally handcrafted.

Whether you're just visiting the Windy City and want to bring home a piece of it, or you’re a local and get to call this wonderful place home, let Chicago Vodka represent all that you love about Chicago.

Handcrafted - hand-bottled, hand-corked and handmade with love from start to finish.

Slow filtration ensures the highest quality.

Made by the people of Chicago.

Technical data: 750ml. / 40% Alc by Vol

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Chicago Vodka box and bottle

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